Use Your Property to Qualify for Stated Income Loans

The stated income loan program at Commercial Financing Alternatives can help your business access funding even if you do not qualify for other types of financing. We offer stated income commercial real estate loans that qualify your business for funding based on the value of a property, rather than your company’s credit history. You can use the cash for a variety of commercial real estate or business transactions.

Access to Cash Without a Traditional Bank Loan

Unlike conventional loans, stated income financing is based on a valuation of commercial real estate that your business wants to acquire or use as collateral. This method provides access to capital if your company cannot qualify for traditional lending due to financial problems. These loans also offer you quicker turnaround times for funding.

Commercial Financing Alternatives can offer you funding based on almost all types of commercial properties. We can work with your company to structure a solution that allows you to reach your goals:

  • Office, apartment, restaurant, storage and retail buildings all qualify.
  • We offer fixed rates and fully amortized loans up to 25 years.
  • Our closings are as fast as two or three weeks.
  • Funding is available up to $500,000.

Our stated income loans not only help you purchase properties. They also can fund property improvements, consolidate debt, provide working capital or help you refinance your real estate.

Learn More About Stated Income Loans

Our finance specialists can help you learn more about using stated income loans as an alternative to a bank loan. Contact Commercial Financing Alternatives with your questions today.