Our Personalized SBA Loan Program Works for Your Business Goals

Commercial Financing Alternatives can structure a small business loan for your company quickly and efficiently no matter what size or stage of development your organization is in. Young companies and businesses in the process of expanding or entering new phases all benefit from our personalized loan program. We make sure that your financing addresses your specific goals.

Up to $5 Million in Funding for Your Business

Commercial Financing Alternatives offers loans through the Small Business Administration. Our SBA loans have designated us as one of the administration’s preferred financial services companies. We leverage the administration’s support to offer your business excellent terms:

  • Pre-qualification letters at no cost to your company and no penalties for prepayments
  • Flexible 7a and 504 loan programs that offer competitive fixed and variable rates
  • Fully amortized loans and up to 25 year terms
  • Loans available for almost any for-profit business
  • Qualification for retailers with annual sales of less than $6 million, manufacturers with less than 500 employees, and service businesses with less than 100 employees

Financing That Works for Your Individual Business

Our program is designed to provide your company with flexible lending options aimed at your individual business goals. We are committed to finding the right capital solution for new or established businesses. Our flexibility allows you to use the funds for whatever purpose you see fit:

  • Large projects such as construction or remodeling plans
  • Growth transactions such as the acquisition of a business or partner
  • Improvements such as purchasing new equipment
  • Refinancing and debt consolidation
  • Acquisitions of commercial real estate that is partially occupied by the property owner

We can help you purchase a wide variety of business properties, including franchises, warehouses, manufacturing sites, restaurants and office buildings. Our flexibility extends to our available mortgage plans, with market-competitive terms and fees for both first and second mortgages.

Explore Our Loan Program

Our team of financial specialists can personalize a small business finance solution for your goals. Contact Commercial Financing Alternatives today to get started.