Secure New Streams of Revenue With Purchase Order Financing

An important part of business growth is finding new sources of revenue. A new order of goods will mean an opportunity to impress your customer and generate additional income. Your business needs to fulfill this sales opportunity quickly, but first you must find the capital resources to cover the cost of pre-sold merchandise. Commercial Financing Alternatives knows how important it is to secure new customers. Our purchase order financing program gets your business the working capital necessary to meet your customer’s needs and create a satisfied customer.

Fill Your Large Order Quickly

Your business can accept a large order even if you do not have the cash flow necessary to purchase additional pre-sold merchandise. Our purchase order finance program offers your business capital to complete the order with several benefits over a bank loan:

  • Your company’s credit profile is not the only factor we consider for financing.
  • Our approval and funding process happens with quick turnaround times.
  • Repayment is made by your customer.
  • Purchase order finance does not create debt.

Commercial Financing Alternatives can help all kinds of businesses access the capital necessary to fulfill orders and gain loyal customers. You can qualify for financing even if your business is young or lacks a solid credit profile.

Find Out How Purchase Order Finance Can Help Your Business

Commercial Financing Alternatives can structure a finance solution to cover pre-sold merchandise for a new customer order. Contact us today to find out how our program helps your business succeed with new streams of revenue.