Stay On Top of Industry Changes With Our Equipment Leasing Program

At Commercial Financing Alternatives, we are proud of the fact that we can finance almost any type of business-related equipment. When you turn to us to take advantage of our equipment financing program, we will provide you with notice of approval within 24 hours and will not require you to make a down payment on the loan.

Types of Leases We Provide

To meet the specific needs of our clients, we offer several different equipment leasing programs, and each is associated with unique benefits. For example, our sale and lease back program is designed for companies that would rather preserve their bank lines of credit, but still need capital for expansion. If you choose to take advantage of our sale and lease back program, we will purchase your equipment and then sell it back to you. Once you make all of the payments on the loan, you will own the equipment once again.

We also offer B, C, and D credits, a startup program, and a program that specifically benefits government and municipal institutions. Please keep in mind that the different programs we offer are for companies that have been in business for two or more years.

Benefits of Leasing Your Equipment

Leasing all, or a portion, of your business’ equipment can be highly advantageous for several reasons. These include some of the following:

  • Leasing has no effect on your bank lines of credit and allows you to preserve this funding for other ventures.
  • These loans are associated with lower monthly payments than traditional financing solutions.
  • Leasing is associated with significant tax and accounting advantages.
  • While leasing your business’ equipment, you can stay on top of technological advancements in your industry.
  • By leasing your company’s equipment, you can obtain capital to account for unforeseen expenses or situations.

If you are interested in leasing your company’s equipment, reach out to us at Commercial Financing Alternatives today. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss this financing solution.