Capitalize Your Business Penalty Free and Tax Deferred Using You Retirement Account

At Commercial Financing Alternatives, we have many innovative ways to provide funding for your business, unlike traditional banks. We have a program that can offer a credit line based on your 401K/IRA. Not many people realize that a 401K/IRA can be used to leverage business or franchise acquisitions. One of the main reasons is that, generally speaking, banks do not offer this type of financing, because their money is made through loans and conventional investments by their customers.

Leveraging Your You Retirement Account

Our 401K funding program is called a Rollover as a Business Startup (ROBS) plan, also known as a Self Directed 401K. This funding structure originated in 1974. It is important to note that our 401K funding program is not a loan or a distribution. You are simply leveraging your retirement account to obtain cash that can be used for any business expense including payroll. Funds from this program can also be used as cash injection required by banks to secure an SBA loan.

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Examples of qualified money are 401K, IRA, 403b, 457, SEP, Pension Plans, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP – Military), Annuities, KEOGHS, etc. Funds must be near $50,000 or more to qualify and can be from different accounts. The funds cannot be with a current employer, they must be from a previous employer or you must plan to leave your current job. Funds must also be traditional/standard 401K/IRA to qualify. Contact Commercial Financing Alternatives to discuss your options.